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Any kind of negligence or substandard dental care performed by a dentist or dental professional during the course of treatment is termed “dental malpractice.” It can occur when there is a failure to properly detect an oral disease or malformation, when there is an improper utilization of dental or surgical utensils, when there is an installation of defective dental products, when there has been an injury to an oral cavity or surrounding bone tissue during the course of a dental procedure, or when death has resulted from a dental procedure or the use of anesthesia during such procedures.

Other forms of dental malpractice may come into play in the form of unnecessary procedures based on a patient’s insurance coverage. A dentist or dental professional may proceed with unnecessary diagnoses and exams and follow through with their corresponding procedures for the sole purpose of collecting higher insurance compensation. Although this is not the norm, the efforts by some unscrupulous dentists and dental professions to abuse the insurance system for their benefit can constitute dental malpractice.

  • A significant focus of our practice is the evaluation and prosecution of dental malpractice claims. Medical or dental malpractice lawsuits are complex. The costs associated with investigating and pursuing a malpractice case can be staggering. In fact, most lawyers don’t feel competent to handle these claims, often referring them to attorneys who focus their practices in this area.
  • Doctors and their insurance carriers vigorously defend these claims, putting even the most seasoned trial lawyers to the test. If you believe you have been the victim of malpractice you should consult with an dental malpractice attorney in Connecticut experienced in these cases.
  • Dentists are required to undertake the same standards of skill and care as physicians in general. Any deviation from that standard of care and skill can threaten innocent patients with injury, pain, and sometimes even death.
  • Dental malpractice usually occurs when the dentists are negligent or handle patients with poor quality of dental care and also when they fail to diagnose or treat the patient within the required standard of care.
  • Common instances where dental malpractice might occur are nerve damage from dental procedures, especially resulting from wisdom tooth extractions; installation of dental implants under infection-prone conditions; the failure to fit dentures properly; attempting to install dentures constructed for another patient; the failure to fabricate dentures properly; and negligence in taking tooth impressions.
  • Dental malpractice can include anesthesia injuries, problems due to cavity filling, facial paralysis, surgical procedural errors, failure to diagnose or treat periodontal (gum) disease, nerve damage, and root canal errors, all of which are capable of causing irreparable physical and mental injury to innocent patients.
  • Patients can also suffer from dental malpractice when their dentists fail to detect an oral disease or malformations properly, use dental or surgical utensils improperly, install defective or sub-standard dental crowns or bridgework, or injure the oral cavity or surrounding tissue.

The law allows compensation for emotional and physical pain inflicted on an innocent patient by a dentist’s negligence or malpractice.  Dental malpractice and dental product liability are complex areas and thus best left to qualified experienced dental attorneys, such as the ones at MeehanLaw, LLC, oral cancer lawyer in Ct.  With their extensive knowledge and skills in this area, the dental malpractice lawyers in Hartford, Bridgeport, Fairfield, and Fairfield County CT, at MeehanLaw, LLC, are equipped to secure quick relief for victims of dental malpractice.

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