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Bridgeport Malpractice Lawyers Hold Dentists Accountable for Failing to Meet Accepted Standards of Care

Proven advocates represent Connecticut clients in actions against negligent dental providers

The key question in any dental malpractice case is whether the dental professional provided treatment that met an accepted standard of care. If the dentist provided substandard care, then he or she was likely negligent, and a patient who suffered injuries as a result may be entitled to compensation. But things are rarely so clear cut. At MeehanLaw, LLC, in Bridgeport, our lawyers have handled numerous dental malpractice cases where there was strong disagreement about exactly what standard of care should apply. Drawing on years of experience, we are often able to counter these common arguments by consulting with experts in the field to maximize your potential compensation.

Is there a formal standard of care in dentistry?

To prevail in a medical malpractice case, the plaintiff must show that the medical professional acted negligently by failing to meet an accepted standard of care, and that negligence resulted in injury. The standard of care for any medical professional, including a dentist, is typically defined as the degree of care that a reasonable and prudent practitioner would exercise. In a dental malpractice lawsuit, a judge may explain the standard to a jury by saying a dentist is negligent if he or she fails to use the level of skill, knowledge and care in the diagnosis and treatment that other reasonably careful dentists would use in the same or similar circumstances. When we file a malpractice suit on your behalf, we thoroughly investigate the facts of your case to compile evidence of the dentist’s substandard care.

How is the standard of care established during litigation?

Typically, we will call on an expert witness, such as another similarly qualified dentist working within the state, to give testimony that helps establish what standard of care should apply in a given situation. For example, in a case involving a failure to detect oral cancer, the expert witness would explain what a reasonable dentist would be expected to look for when examining a patient, how long an exam might take, what the signs of oral cancer are, and how reasonable dentists should react when they detect possible evidence of oral cancer in a patient’s mouth. Once we can establish a standard of care and show that your dentist failed to meet it, injuring you in the process, we can proceed to assess the damages we should seek for medical expenses, lost wages and other losses.

Contact a skilled Connecticut dental malpractice lawyer who can prove substandard care injured you

If you believe you received dental care that fell below the required standard of care and you suffered an injury as a result, contact MeehanLaw, LLC in Bridgeport as soon as possible. Our experienced dental malpractice lawyers represent clients throughout Connecticut. To schedule a consultation, call 203-333-1888 or contact us online.

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