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Experienced Malpractice Lawyers in CT Hold Dentists Responsible for Pediatric Dentist Malpractice

Experienced Malpractice Lawyers in CT Hold Dentists Responsible for Pediatric Dentist Malpractice

As the most vulnerable dental patients, children and infants deserve to be treated with the utmost care and respect. Unfortunately, many children have dentophobia – a fear of the dentist. Sometimes, this fear is well-founded and based on a traumatic experience that occurred in childhood. Even worse, some of these experiences are clear displays of dental negligence. If your child was injured, our aggressive dental malpractice lawyers in CT can fight for the full compensation you deserve.

Examples of Pediatric Dental Malpractice
Some common forms of pediatric dental malpractice include the following:

  • Use of excessive force – Some dentists are not gentle when dealing with small mouths and children. They may use excessive force when doing their jobs. In more disturbing cases, dentists may intentionally harm children during dental procedures, such as using unnecessary restraints, psychologically abusing patients or sexually assaulting young patients.
  • Performing dental procedures that are not necessary – A common form of insurance fraud is for a dentist to complete procedures that are not medically necessary for their own greedy and selfish motivations. Since children are not as good at communicating, the dentist may be able to convince the parents the procedure is necessary when it is not. A child may be traumatized by an unnecessary dental procedure, such as extracting a tooth that does not need to be removed or using braces when they are not necessary.
  • Not properly using anesthesia – Dentists must be particularly careful with prescribing anesthesia to young patients. If anesthesia is not used, children may endure terrible pain during a tooth extraction, root canal or other dental procedure. In other situations, the dentist may prescribe too much anesthesia for the child’s height and weight, which can lead to mental confusion, nausea or an accidental overdose. In rare circumstances, patients suffer from brain damage.

If any of these situations led to your child’s injuries, malpractice lawyers in CT can carefully investigate your claim and pursue recovery for the pain and suffering your child experienced.

Malpractice Lawyers in CT Fighting for the Recovery that You and Your Child Need
Seeing a dentist should mean that you receive the same level of quality care that you expect from other healthcare professionals. If this care is substandard, you have the right to retain the services of qualified malpractice lawyers in CT, including the dedicated dental malpractice lawyers at Meehan Law, LLC in Bridgeport, Connecticut. We can help you pursue a claim against a dentist, orthodontist, endodontist, dental hygienist or other dental professional who was responsible for your child’s injuries. Contact us at (203) 333-1888 or fill out ouronline contact formto schedule a free and confidential consultation with a knowledgeable dental malpractice lawyer in CT.

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