Caring Fairfield County Attorneys Represent Clients Harmed By Dog Bites

Each year in the United States, about 800,000 people seek medical attention for dog bites. A dog might lash out for any number of reasons, including stress, self-defense or hunger. At MeehanLaw, LLC, we help residents pursue reimbursement when dog bites or other injuries from a canine attack require medical treatment. When a bite breaks the skin, a person can require stitches and experience infection and scarring, along with psychological trauma. In serious cases, reconstructive surgery may be required. We compile evidence to demonstrate the physical and emotional injuries suffered and pursue insurance claims or go to court to hold dog owners responsible.

Knowledgeable Counsel Enforces Pet Owner Liability

In Connecticut, a victim does not need to prove that the owner knew the dog was vicious or that the owner was otherwise negligent. The state’s law is a strict liability statute, so a victim only has to show that an injury to themselves or their property occurred. The dog’s owner is liable for damages as long as the injured person was not trespassing or teasing, tormenting or abusing the dog. Unlike in other states, there is no “one free bite” allowance. In addition, the statute applies to any injuries caused by the dog, such as trauma resulting from being pounced on, even if the dog did not bite.

While the statute of limitations is typically two years for personal injury actions based on negligence, in the instance of a dog bite, there is a specific three-year statute of limitations. Regardless, it is important to file a claim promptly after the incident.

Informed Advisers Provide Legal Guidance On What To Do After A Dog Attack

After a dog attack that punctures the skin or causes an impact injury, it is essential to seek medical treatment. A doctor can clean and dress the wound properly, reduce the likelihood of scarring and administer shots for any diseases the dog might carry. If you are knocked down by an oversized dog, a doctor can identify and treat any fractures or spine injuries before they become worse.

Victims of dog bites and other harm caused by animals are responsible for reporting the attack to the animal control officer in the locality where the dog is kept. The officer will quarantine the dog to examine its demeanor and inspect it for rabies. If you were able to obtain the contact information of the owner after the attack, that can be used to find out about the dog’s vaccinations.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys can later help you seek reimbursement for your damages. Victims are entitled to reimbursement for medical bills, income lost while out of work, rehabilitation costs and other types of damages. In some circumstances, injured people face long-term psychological consequences, requiring extensive treatment.

To prove your claim, we’ll prepare a detailed argument regarding the extent of your injuries and link them to the attack if a question arises over causation. If a dog owner is insured, a claim can be filed directly with the insurance company. If not, or if the owner or insurer raises defenses to liability, a personal injury lawsuit can be lodged in state court. You can rely on us to pursue the compensation you need for your medical treatment, lost income and other expenses result from the bite.

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