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What You Need to Know About Cases Involving Malpractice by Dentists

What You Need to Know About Cases Involving Malpractice by Dentists

Dental malpractice is but one form of possible medical malpractice. This occurs when a dentist’s care falls below the required standard of care in the same specialty and region. Basically, when a dentist fails to provide you with the reasonable quality of care you would expect to receive and injures you in the process, you may have a basis for a dental malpractice claim.

Examples of Malpractice by Dentists
Your dentist may commit malpractice if he or she does any of the following:

  • Fails to obtain your informed consent before completing a dental procedure
  • Fails to properly diagnose your dental health condition, such as oral cancer or TMJ
  • Extracts a tooth in an improper manner
  • Fails to properly sterilize dental instruments, which results in an infection
  • Fails to properly supervise actions of dental hygienists or other employees
  • Fails to properly treat complications of care
  • Wrongfully administers anesthesia
  • Completes a dental procedure in a careless manner

Our experienced legal team will carefully investigate your claim and review medical records to determine what went wrong and how your dentist bears responsibility for the damages you sustained.

Malpractice by Dentists Demonstrated by Evidence
In order to substantiate your claim, an experienced Bridgeport, Connecticut dental malpractice lawyer from Meehan Law will work closely with you to gather important evidence in your claim. This evidence will help you establish the elements of a negligence claim. Some of the most important forms of evidence in dental malpractice claims include:

  • Medical records – Your medical records may indicate what went wrong during the procedure, so be sure that you ask for copies of all of your medical records related to your dental history. X-rays, doctor’s notes, operation notes and other medical records can help establish your claim.
  • Communications– Dentists and other dental staff may provide you with written instructions regarding post-op care. Provide your lawyer with all such communications.
  • Photos and video – Take pictures of your injuries, including any swelling or disfigurement that it caused. If you get reconstructive surgery, it will be important to have documentation of what your injury looked like. If there was video during your surgery, request a copy of it.
  • Witnesses– Other medical staff or your friends or family may be able to explain how your dental procedure affected you.
  • Employment records– You have a right to receive compensation for any time you missed from work due to the negligent procedure, so ask your employer for a lost wages statement to document this loss.

Our Bridgeport, Connecticut dental malpractice lawyers can work closely with you to identify and gather the evidence necessary to establish your claim.

Schedule a Free Consultation with an Experienced Bridgeport Lawyer Who Can Establish Malpractice by Dentists
The Bridgeport, Connecticut dental malpractice lawyers at Meehan Law provide knowledgeable guidance and dedicated legal representation to local residents who have been injured do the negligence of a dental professional. Our legal team has a comprehensive understanding of the multi-faceted legal process involved in dental malpractice claims and can expertly guide you through each stage of the process. During a free consultation, we can discuss the facts of your case, explain your legal options and evaluate your damages. Contact us at (203) 333-1888 or fill out our online contact formto schedule a free and private case review with a knowledgeable dental malpractice lawyer.

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