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Anesthesia Complications

Bridgeport Dental Malpractice Lawyers Fight for Victims of Anesthesia Errors

Knowledgeable attorneys pursue justice for Connecticut residents harmed by negligent dental care

Anesthesia is common in dentistry, often because the patient is about to undergo an invasive and painful dental procedure but also sometimes because a patient’s fear of any dental work requires it. Unfortunately, anesthesia carries risks, resulting in some patients suffering injuries or even losing their lives due to improper practices in the dentist’s office. At MeehanLaw, LLC, in Bridgeport, our law firm is dedicated to helping dental malpractice victims recover compensation for injuries caused by negligent dental care, including complications related to anesthesia. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience representing victims of dental malpractice and have successfully helped people just like you all across Connecticut.

Dental procedures that typically require the use of an anesthetic

Generally, procedures that take a long time or are particularly invasive can be performed more easily with the help of an anesthetic. In dentistry, some of the procedures that may require anesthesia include:

  • Wisdom teeth removal and other extractions
  • Root canals
  • Dental implants
  • Jaw surgery
  • Bone grafting to align dentures
  • Emergency dental treatments

Properly used, anesthetics make these procedures much more tolerable for patients and much easier to complete for dentists. But when anesthetics are administered improperly, they can lead to serious injuries for which patients should be compensated. It is our job as attorneys to help our clients recover that compensation for clients injured by dental malpractice.

Common errors related to dental anesthesia

Patients can be injured severely if proper anesthesia protocols are not followed. We have handled injury claims related to:

  • Improper type of dental anesthesia — There are several different anesthetics that may be used in dentistry, and each must be prepared and administered differently. Some can affect a person’s heart rate, circulatory system or other bodily functions, so a dentist must review and understand the patient’s medical history to help determine what type of anesthesia to use.
  • Dosage errors — Conditions such as anemia, anorexia, alcoholism or metabolic impairment may mean a patient cannot tolerate the maximum dose of anesthesia. Getting the dose correct is critical to patient health.
  • Technique — Improper technique can lead to a needle breaking during injection. Poor technique could also cause local anesthesia to be administered to the wrong area of the mouth or cause other mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of the sedative.

We have handled cases involving all of the above common errors. If your dentist has failed to meet accepted professional standards of care in administering anesthesia and you’re injured as a result, we are prepared to pursue damages on your behalf.

Anesthetics commonly used in dental procedures

Anesthesia errors can occur when a dentist is administering any type of anesthetic, whether it is injected locally to numb an affected area and block nerves that transmit pain, given as sedation to decrease anxiety, or administered intravenously (general anesthesia), which renders the patient unconscious and is usually reserved for oral surgery. Among the anesthetics commonly used during dental procedures are:

  • Lidocaine
  • Novocaine
  • Articaine (found in Septocaine and Ubistesin)
  • Bupivacaine
  • Prilocaine (also known as Citanest)
  • Mepivacaine

Any dental patient, from a small child to a senior citizen and anyone in between, may be harmed by anesthesia errors. If it has happened to you, MeehanLaw, LLC, is ready to help.

Talk to our experienced Connecticut attorneys about dental anesthesia error lawsuits

If a dental anesthesia error resulted in an injury to you or someone you love in Connecticut, MeehanLaw, LLC in Bridgeport is prepared to represent you. Our lawyers are highly experienced in all dental malpractice cases, including those involving anesthesia errors. Schedule a consultation by calling 203-333-1888 or contact us online today.

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